Rosanne is a pretty necklace in red, orange, yellow and black. It's a chain that's right.

Alice has super beautiful earrings for the summer.

Anouschka is a pretty necklace in pink and blue. It has a length of approx. 57cm. The closure is, of course, nickel free

Frog Luis I have made with Love at the torch. I find him totally sweet, especially I like the buttocks :-)
How he sits there on his orange, red island and wants to jump right away

Crochet Necklace Angelina look wonderful. You can process a great variety of colors. To the 7 hours one needs for a Necklace. For a long time but they are very good at the neck and look quite noble.
It is also not very difficult. Which she was made with very small pearls.

A magic chain. She looks like a snake. But I like this pattern very much.

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